Friday, October 25, 2019

Apocalypse v0.2

UPDATE 26/10: new links to fix some remaining bugs

Dear all,
Here are the links to v0.2 of the game Apocalypse.
PC link:!2fI03SxZ!zbPKB_RNCch0rAOLUhBA-HxZcYOzE8J8TN4dGPGC178
Mac link:!WHoARYgI!uLLVY7XmT2fZCchxiP9pEV3KDRourm1CdUn_-26vvKw

Dev note v0.2:
This update focuses on expanding the outdoor areas to explore, and not so much on the girls within the compound. The next update will probably focus more on that.
It includes the following:
* 7 new outdoor areas to explore
* outdoors map system implemented - introduced in a new mini-scene during the intro
* mc stats screen implemented
* 1 Lena mission fully implemented that will trigger itself at the beginning of week 3
* weekend evening events implemented (dance night on Friday evening and virtual fights on Saturday evening - head to the bar at those times to trigger these weekly events)
* one harem girl available
* extra school scenes
* one extra science lab scene
* one extra pool girl to meet
* Can now receive messages from Ivanka Trumpf from week 3 and 1 extra Melania Trumpf call (her face and body was re-done also by the way, I mean IN the game...)
* a few more dialogues, but progress is lacking in that department
* new MC bedroom, didn't like the previous one
* bugfixes (lust-spamming, minor glitches, typos)
New variables defined, so please restart the game, which will now run for a full four weeks.
Beware, the game will end in the destruction of planet Earth by the Glorglans if you don't quickly get the available harem girl!!! If you find it too hard, open the console during week 2 (shift+o) and type: $ alienfuck = True

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Apocalypse v0.1

I'm releasing v0.1 of my new-future game Apocalypse!

You play as a young, muscle-bound, horse-hung hero who survived the nuclear apocalypse. After joining the Resistance compound "Eden", your task is to build a harem, increase your skills, fulfill missions assigned to you and explore the surrounding lands, with the ultimate aim of avenging your family by removing President-for-Life Trumpf from power. The future of humanity is in your coc... err.... hands!​

Dev Note:
As you will soon realize, the game is pretty much sandbox. Right now, it is a tech demo, so I'm letting the game play itself for one week, but there isn't enough material for a full week if you try and repeat scenes with specific characters (I don't want it to be grindy, so I want something to happen every time you visit a place), so you will hit some parts where it says a scene hasn't been implemented yet. But mainly all the basics are there (characters, stats, all areas of the compound), so I just have to add more scenes, more dialogues, quests, explored areas to fill up the world. I already have some renders for other areas that I did not include because the scene was too preliminary. I welcome ideas for dialogue/quest options to raise lust points with various girls. So far, it is not possible to have a girl join your harem.

3dcg, Animated, BDSM, Big ass, Big tits, Dystopian setting, Harem, Humor, Male protagonist, MILF, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Sci-fi, Anal sex, Footjob, Handjob, Very very BIG cock

Here are the links:
PC/Linux link:

Mac link:

Also, there is now a thread for the game over at

Don't hesitate to join and leave a review and a like for the game if you enjoyed it!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Battle of the Bulges - v0.6

Here is v0.6 of Battle of the bulges.

This update takes you to the end of day06 (Friday evening) and include three new in-game girls that can be fucked and also a threesome scene.
Don't forget to write a review over at if you would like to support the game, it would be much appreciated!
The thread  for the game is at:

And now the update:

for PC:!CmIzAC6S!yZfkFMJBG2ZB4oB6XaHVstw89u8pjXZmsyuq-Gno08U

for Mac:!PmJkQCwA!VSI07sFm79TDT46fA1PDQWm8AqgJtP3QcL-t8uYg77Y

After that, you should also replace script06.rpy which can be found in the "game" folder where you installed the game with the following updated bugfix:!rLhSECQR!W8w7HBA_MUI5xaXRqloXXuavRAuvkex8DgtvoIqU2OY

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Battle of the Bulges - v0.5.1

This update includes new achievements (one is still missing from the achievement gallery but it's "counted" nevertheless), the updated CG gallery to include day05 scenes, as well as some minor changes to the scripts. Replace all existing files in the appropriate folders.

Also, a few preview pics for BotB v0.6 which will be out next month for patrons, so it's not too late to join at

Friday, February 8, 2019

BigTimmy Fan-fiction story: Divine Meets her Match

Dear all, Veronica Divine has written a NEW fan-fiction story gathering all the characters from "My Life as a Teenage Stud" into one massive orgy!

Also, she now has a patreon page for those who would like to support her erotica writing (as well as voice scripting) at:

Don't forget to leave feedback to the author!

Divine Meets Her Match: A Big Timmy Story

By Veronica Divine

It had been a very tiring four years. Ever since he publically humiliated me and then privately fucked me, Timmy had made my life a non-stop roller-coaster ride of orgasms and recovery at the mercy of his giant cock. I became very much like a willing slave to him. I passed him in all the classes he took from me, and did what I could to persuade or convince other professors to let him pass too. I sucked a lot of old tenured dick to make sure he kept doing well, and I’m sure he pounded every female professor into submission.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Battle of the Bulges - v0.5

NB: Don't forget to write a review for the game on to show your support, thanks in advance!

Here is v0,.5 of Battle of the Bulges!

 Dev Note for v0.5:

 V0.5 takes you to the end of the fifth day of the game (Thursday evening). 300 new renders and 6 animations worth.

 * 4 more "in-game" girls can potentially be fucked. Other raunchy situations abound (titjob, voyeur). 2 new individual fuck scenes for teagan and Maria are also available.

 * fixed remained bugs from day 04 but did not add any variables to it, so saves *should* be compatible

 Some new achievements are available but their animations are not done.

 Links for download:
 PC version

Mac version


Friday, December 7, 2018

Delay but idea for potential future game

V0.5 of Battle of the Bulges is delayed till early next year for patrons, a bit later for everyone else.
I explained on my patreon page that I had been working in parallel on a potential future game. I made a potential banner for it.

Also, below, been trying out making potential mc characters that people will vote on eventually to choose which one will be the MC in the next game, here's the first one, based on younger version of Arnie. (They are in black and white because they are old photographs from the 50s in Austria that Arnie's mom kept and was nice enough to send me ;) )

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Battle of the Bulges - v0.4

NEW 20/10 UPDATE: New CG gallery + Updated scripts
Unzip into games folder

MEGA Link: UPDATEoctober
Dropbox Link: UPDATEoctober

The CG gallery can be accessed anytime during the game by pressing "c" and allows you to replay all lewd sex scenes from the game to your heart's content!

Please find below the links to download v0.4 of the game:

PC link:!vCI3jYiA!UqI4R6SF8vEhbgwA-DdojFDr6-tE-09o8fkAmdWQSJU

Mac link:!jeBBDQJb!ass7FTTt9kPnF36XzJ28x79zg29y2IVqkHpAfRUZMFM


Dev Note for v0.4:

V0.4 takes you to the end of the fourth day of the game (Wednesday evening). Over 400 new renders and 9 animations worth. On day 04, you be will be able to meet 3 new "non in-game" girls and 3 new male characters.

New locations include: Bigdong falls, Fertility Clinic, Cabin, Old Joe's Emporium
* 8 more "in-game" girls can potentially be fucked. Other raunchy situations abound (titjob, voyeur). One bonus girl can also be fucked.

* fixed remained bugs from day 03(including changing the working hours for lifeguard to 4-6pm to allow for delivering Teagan's groceries at 7pm (important to unlock a particular scene in day04), also had to include a few new variables so day03 saves might not work sorry... Similarly, after some new achievements were recently suggested to me, I added some variables for them (which starts at day01).
NB: You cannot do everything that's included in day 04 in any one playthrough. Some scenes also depend on what was achieved during day 02 and day03. So be ready to replay the game and make different saves at the end of days 01, 02 and 03 to see everything!

Some new achievements are available (6 more so far, bringing the total to 8), but their animations are not done (that will be as an update for next month). The achievement screen should however still work.

PS: And don't forget I have a patreon page now! Link is on the main title page on the left. Please support the development of the game by becoming a patreon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Battle of the Bulges - V0.3.2

Here is version 0.3.2 of the game, it is a mini-update of the previous version that includes two achievements, but most importantly, new variables that are needed for day04 to work properly.
What it means though is that a game has to be restarted from the start in order to access the achievements and have a game save that is compatible for the future v0.4 update.

PC version:

Mega link

Mac version:

Mega link

Anf a few more teaser pics for v0.4...

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Battle of the Bulges - Patreon

Dear all,
by popular demand, I made a patreon page that is now live at:

If you want to support the development of the game, feel free to visit and become a patreon! Also, if you wish to simply donate for the work accomplished in the months of development of the game, you could for example, pledge a high tier for one month, and then go back down to a lower tier. Just a suggestion! ;)

I haven't made the game patreon-friendly, so I will send links privately to my patreons for new updates (early release for higher-tiered patreons as a reward). Eventually, the game will  make its way here obviously.

In the meantime, and thanking you in advance for your support, here are some preview pics for v0.4, which is choker-full with sex scenes, up to 230 renders and three animations made so far so quite a bit to go still...

Also, another patreon of interest of a friend, for those into smut stories about horse-hung lovers and the busty babes they get to bang: