Monday, September 18, 2017

My life as a teenage stud - Family Reunion Part 2

The continuation of the fanfic created  by Piltheser based on the Teenage Stud series! I must say, written in a style very close to the original stories, so kuddos to the author...
Don't forget to post your feedback below!

Part 2:

My aunt was still fascinated by my cock - even as I was holding her her hands were still running over it, feeling the heat and hardness as if she couldn’t believe it could be real. So I decided to show her a trick I doubted she would have seen in magazines and videos. With well practised skill and dexterity, I spun her over in my arms until she was facing away from me, and lowered her til she was sitting on my schlong, before letting go, her entire weight supported by just my tumescent love muscle. She leant back into my chest for support and balance, her elegant shoulders and neck nestled against my rock hard pecs as she steadied herself before realising what was happening. She craned her neck back, looking up at me with rapt amazement.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Recollections of Ulysses Halfayard chapter 5 (MF+, size)

Here is the fifth installment of the Victorian saga of stud gigolo Ulysses Halfayard written by Peter Farrell. Don't forget to send your feedback and encouragements to the author at the bottom of this post and enjoy!

Chapter Five
The Grand Project

The day following my outstanding performance in the brothel I arrived with my meagre possessions at the rear entrance of Lady Amelia’s townhouse near Regent’s Park. I was expecting a lodging in one of the guest bedrooms, but I was led by a pair of young women dressed in very short maid’s dresses to a large hut in the garden set against the far wall. Inside the hut I found a small room with a single bed in the far corner, but the larger room was dominated by a metal device with leather straps containing a small ring set at the height of my cock. I did not require an engineering degree to know I would be frequently visiting this apparatus and my limbs would be secured for the experience. Clearly, I would not just be enjoying whore’s holes to enhance my sexual skills. However, I recognised the necessity for some discomfort if I was to achieve my goal of physical perfection and whore greatness.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Skin tests for Characters in future game

Let me know which skin is the best for the following characters:
Ryan (new hair, more muscles), Nikki, Nancy. Left or right?
Left is regular (what was used before), right is with a new shader.

and some teaser pics from the new project I'm working on...

And the title page for the game, working along nicely, but it is a HUGE endeavor and will take months to complete. I already did almost 100 pics and will post a first release (covering only the first day out of 8!) by the end of the month I hope.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Morning Lust Mini-Game

I finally finished the project I was working on, making a mini-game/visual novel using Ren'py. Had to delete a scene which was too complicated to code but the game works fine now, it should be bug-free but do report if something goes wrong your side.
Please leave feedback at the bottom. I am thinking of doing a more evolved game in the future, with quest and inventory. This is just a test, it focuses just on the sex and there is zero character development...

Please feel free to distribute on any forum where you think it might be appropriate and upload it to fileboom, rapidgator or whatever if you have a premium account.)
EDIT: It's OK, the game is already all over the internet less than 24hrs after its release...

Here are the links for the game:

PC version

Mac Version

Here is a script to make the game much easier as far as the clicking is concerned (PC version):

(Instruction: Extract and replace the script.rpy and script.rpyc files in the "game" folder.)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Recollections of Ulysses Halfayard chapters 3-4 (MF+, size)

Here are the next two chapters of a story sent to me by Peter Farrell about a male Victorian whore whose endowments were legendary...
Please remember to send feedback to the author at the bottom.

Chapter Three
The Star of the Show

After my outstanding performance in Lord Carstair’s mansion I knew I needed to find more regular employment to enhance my scandalous reputation. I was introduced by Lady Amelia to Captain Henry Lansdale, who claimed to have served in the Sudan with General Gordon. He also claimed to be associated with some of the most disreputable clubs in the East End, a fetid swamp of degeneracy, crime and perversion, and within days of my debut I was standing naked on a small stage in the middle of the afternoon stroking my cock towards a full erection while the owner of the Gate House Club stared intently at my ball sack.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Recollections of Ulysses Halfayard chapters 1-2 (MF+, size)

Here are the first two installments of a story sent to me by Peter Farrell about a male Victorian whore whose endowments were legendary...
Please remember to send feedback to the author at the bottom.

Chapter One
The Making of a Legend

I am asking my good friend Gigi to write this account of my life in her own hand to answer those uneducated and malicious detractors who distort and denigrate my legendary status as the ultimate whore and erotic performer in living memory. The name of Ulysses Halfayard, or the Donkey King, is now a tainted title, but in my days of glory I was feted throughout London, from the febrile docklands of Limehouse to the grand mansions of Park Lane. Respectable ladies and honourable gentlemen would assemble to witness my performances in the most sophisticated salons in the fashionable quarters of the capital, often paying half a guinea for just ten minutes alone with my huge shaft and my superb supple body. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

After the trumpocalypse...

UPDATE 04/30: 4 more pics added
I decided to do a few scenes more detailed than usual in a post-apocalyptic world so here goes...
In this world, women outnumber men by 10 to 1 and only the fit ones survived clearly!
Possibly scenes for a future more "involved" game, who knows?...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Quick update

11/06: I am not adding any more pics to this entry but I am working on the game. I just don't want to give out too much before it's finished. The code is totally ready and I have managed to add animations, sounds and clicker games... Did a few more animations this week, scene with the aunt is finished and the others are progressing...
03/06: A few more pics in this entry with sprites added too.
15/03: Also an update to the characters' gallery (entry further down) with a dropbox link to download them all in one go.
Just to let you know I'm working on making some kind of visual novel game using Ren'Py (free software for making this kind of stuff) called "Morning Lust". So I'm battling with Daz Studio AND Ren'Py at the moment, getting to grips with both of them. It will be basic, nothing fancy with inventory or "quest", just good ole plain f*cking... You play a horse-hung boy (based on Ryan's character) and you have to shag every member of your family. Really heavy intellectual stuff.
Here are a few screenshots so far to give you an idea.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My life as a teenage stud - Family Reunion

A new fanfic story by Piltheser based on the Teenage Stud series! thanks a lot to the author for whom you can express your gratitude/feedback in the comments section below...

Part 1

Hi, my name is Tim Donehy, or as most of the women in my life call me, “the best fuck of my life”. Ever since I first fucked my mother with my huge cock and made her my devoted cumslave, I’ve been on a tear, claiming every woman around me. My sister Kate, her friends, her ex boyfriend’s mother and sister, my neighbors, I was like an unstoppable sexual force, pounding the needy pussy of every busty and beautiful woman I came into contact with using my giant cock.

Monday, January 16, 2017