Sunday, August 19, 2018

Battle of the Bulges - v0.4

NEW 20/10 UPDATE: New CG gallery + Updated scripts
Unzip into games folder

MEGA Link: UPDATEoctober
Dropbox Link: UPDATEoctober

The CG gallery can be accessed anytime during the game by pressing "c" and allows you to replay all lewd sex scenes from the game to your heart's content!

Please find below the links to download v0.4 of the game:

PC link:!vCI3jYiA!UqI4R6SF8vEhbgwA-DdojFDr6-tE-09o8fkAmdWQSJU

Mac link:!jeBBDQJb!ass7FTTt9kPnF36XzJ28x79zg29y2IVqkHpAfRUZMFM


Dev Note for v0.4:

V0.4 takes you to the end of the fourth day of the game (Wednesday evening). Over 400 new renders and 9 animations worth. On day 04, you be will be able to meet 3 new "non in-game" girls and 3 new male characters.

New locations include: Bigdong falls, Fertility Clinic, Cabin, Old Joe's Emporium
* 8 more "in-game" girls can potentially be fucked. Other raunchy situations abound (titjob, voyeur). One bonus girl can also be fucked.

* fixed remained bugs from day 03(including changing the working hours for lifeguard to 4-6pm to allow for delivering Teagan's groceries at 7pm (important to unlock a particular scene in day04), also had to include a few new variables so day03 saves might not work sorry... Similarly, after some new achievements were recently suggested to me, I added some variables for them (which starts at day01).
NB: You cannot do everything that's included in day 04 in any one playthrough. Some scenes also depend on what was achieved during day 02 and day03. So be ready to replay the game and make different saves at the end of days 01, 02 and 03 to see everything!

Some new achievements are available (6 more so far, bringing the total to 8), but their animations are not done (that will be as an update for next month). The achievement screen should however still work.

PS: And don't forget I have a patreon page now! Link is on the main title page on the left. Please support the development of the game by becoming a patreon!