Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Recollections of Ulysses Halfayard chapter 5+6 (MF+, size)

UPDATE 27/09: Chapter 6 added!

Here is the fifth installment of the Victorian saga of stud gigolo Ulysses Halfayard written by Peter Farrell. Don't forget to send your feedback and encouragements to the author at the bottom of this post and enjoy!

Chapter Five
The Grand Project

The day following my outstanding performance in the brothel I arrived with my meagre possessions at the rear entrance of Lady Amelia’s townhouse near Regent’s Park. I was expecting a lodging in one of the guest bedrooms, but I was led by a pair of young women dressed in very short maid’s dresses to a large hut in the garden set against the far wall. Inside the hut I found a small room with a single bed in the far corner, but the larger room was dominated by a metal device with leather straps containing a small ring set at the height of my cock. I did not require an engineering degree to know I would be frequently visiting this apparatus and my limbs would be secured for the experience. Clearly, I would not just be enjoying whore’s holes to enhance my sexual skills. However, I recognised the necessity for some discomfort if I was to achieve my goal of physical perfection and whore greatness.