Saturday, December 21, 2019

Apocalypse v0.3

Dear all,
Here are the links to v0.3 of the game Apocalypse.

PC link:!ya5RXYRD!qXl8hm7WPUtJ-4ibyKi1fRPN0h4jhT0rolVdSSwDZ6s

Mac link:!OLp1xaga!dxRMPwtVkOLyPB437tl0pn7AheycQDnoO-sSB3gKSI4

Dev note for v0.3:
This update has some progress for both the compound and outdoor areas.
The game now runs until the end of week 6 (officially, but you can play as long as you want actually).
A lot of sexy bits, 15 new MASSIVE cumloads from the MC!
So pretty substantial and it will include the following:

It includes the following:
* 1 new outdoor hex to explore - and it's a MULTI-areas hex called "Desert Town"
* 1 new surprise character to meet (in Desert Town...)
* more dialogue options for most girls
* dating system implemented - 4 dates available
* one new virtual fight session (between Lena and Ruby)
* several ongoing quests can now be finished
* one new harem girl available
* footjob from Michiko and handjob from Clara at the stripclub now available
* two extra gym girls to meet (including the surprise character)
* Jake can now be seen occasionally in the shower room
* Two more saucy photoshoot sessions with Joe - one including a female partner
* 4 more classroom scenes
* 1 extra Melania and Ivanka calls where they bare all
* 2 more options in the sex scene with Scarlett Johansson when you return to see her after you've reached lust 3

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